L5 M-Lite II

The successor to our esteemed GNSS rover M-Lite now also comes with a radio modem to be able to receive corrections from both network RTK services and local base / reference station. In order to continue to be able to offer it at a really attractive price, we have chosen a radio card without a transmitting option, so it is not possible to use it as a base / reference station. The focus is on as much GNSS rover as possible for the money.

With a powerful built-in battery and support for fast charging via USB-C, it is designed for flexible use in the field. Charge quickly and easily directly in the car or via a power bank.

M-Lite II is always delivered with a license for all satellite systems, which guarantees maximum performance even in difficult environments. For those of you who have not really decided whether you want to be able to measure with a tilted pole or not, there is also the opportunity to upgrade with tilt functionality afterward.

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  1. License for GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU is always included

    Improves performance and allows you to measure in more difficult environments.

  2. A pure GNSS rover

    Provides flexibility to be able to run both as a GNSS network rover and towards a local reference station.

  3. Built-in battery with support for fast charging

    Charge directly in the car or via a powerbank.

  4. IP68

    Do not let the weather stop production. With IP68 you can measure all year round even in the most extreme conditions.

  5. Light and compact

    With light weight and compact construction, it becomes a flexible companion.

  6. Calibration-free IMU tilt (optional)

    Allows you to measure points that were previously impossible to access in a smooth way.

What's included

  • GNSS Receiver

    Always delivered with a license to count against all satellite systems. 4G and UHF radio modem.

  • Field Controller

    Choose between M-Tab and M-Con.

  • Field Software

    The easy to use Field Software SurPad.

  • Other accessories

    Charger, pole and pole holder.

  • Support agreement

    1-year support agreement is included. It gives you: Remote and telephone support, internet connection via Telia and access to upcoming software versions.

  • Warranty

    1-year warranty on all components.

From 61 300Kr

Complete solution with Field controller, SurPad Field Software and 1-year support agreement.

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