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We are passionate about machine control and various types of mainly GNSS positioning. Most of our employees have practical experience from the industry and really understand how things work in practice.

How it started

In 2013, the company’s founders, Martin Lindgren and Patrik Tallgren, saw a clear business opportunity in the niche segment of hole navigation systems (machine control) for drilling rigs. Said and done, the business was started up and slowly but surely started to build up. The solution was then based on the American company Carlson Software’s software DrillGrade, which is still the core of the drilling rig solutions. After a lot of traveling, long working days, and some sleepless nights, a solid foundation to grow on had been built up.

In 2014, the first employment could be made and the focus remained on the drilling rig segment. But even then, thoughts began to grow about expanding the product portfolio to more types of machines and survey-grade GNSS equipment. The rest is, as they say, history with steadily increasing revenues and staff. L5 Navigation was named gazelle of the year in Norbotten 2018, for the period 2014-2017. In 2017, operations were also started up in Norway and in 2018 it was time for Finland.

In 2019, the first L5 branded excavator system L5 3DX was launched, which was slightly revolutionized with its unique price-performance ratio. In 2020, the first generation of L5 branded GNSS solutions was released, which was well received by both surveyors but also opened up the possibility for more professionals in construction to take advantage of full-fledged RTK performance.

Company founder

Martin Lindgren


L5 Navigation today

In 2020, L5 Navigation made revenue of almost SEK 75 million, including Norway and Finland. We are close to 30 employees in the Nordic region with a nationwide organization in Sweden. On March 1, 2021, we launched the next generation of machine control; L5 U3D-X, and in connection with that we also announced a unique Nordic collaboration with the Danish con-tech company Unicontrol. In addition, we have the market’s most affordable RTK GNSS solutions for all needs and purposes.

Business goals

We shall be top-of-mind in positioning in the Nordic region.
We will have the largest volume of equipped machines in the Nordic region.


All professionals with a need for high positioning accuracy shall have access to it.


Enable more people to benefit from high positioning accuracy through a well-balanced price-performance ratio.
Work close to the customer and ensure that everyone gets the most out of their investment with the help of our competent and committed employees.

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