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We have competent personnel in all of the Nordic Countries and are a solid partner throughout the lifecycle of your investment.

With over 30 employees spread across the Nordics we are never far away.

For general questions please contact us at info@l5navigation.com or +4610-457 77 90


  • Contact

    Martin Lindgren
    Email: martin.lindgren@l5navigation.com
    Phone: +4672 528 99 97
  • Address

    L5 Navigation Systems AB
    Handelsvägen 17A
    973 45 Luleå


  • Contact

    Rolf Michaelsen
    Email: rolf.michaelsen@l5navigation.com
    Phone: +4790 066 912
  • Address

    L5 International AS
    Hvamstubben 17
    2013 SKJETTEN


  • Contact

    Sven-Erik Emtö
    Email: svenerik@l5navigation.com
    Phone: +3584 4766 6030
  • Address

    L5 Finland Oy
    Satamakatu 8 B27
    70100 KUOPIO

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