L5 M-Tab

A tablet for surveying and those who value a large screen and sharp processor to be able to watch, as well as handle heavy and complex dxf drawings without worries during various types of measurement. With the Android operating system, the recognition factor is high and you can use M-Tab both to run the email app and other apps that you are used to from your mobile phone.

Just like the M-Tab RTK, the M-Tab has a rugged design and a good specification regarding weather resistance, which makes it a stable companion in the rain. The powerful battery enables long working days in the field and charging takes place smoothly via USB-C in, for example, the car or with a power bank.

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  1. High performance thanks to Octa-core 2.2GHz processor

  2. Tablet for surveying in the Nordic climate

  3. Sharp 8 ”screen with good color reproduction

  4. Android operating system

  5. Select SurPad Field Software for smooth data collection

What's included

  • Tablet

  • Battery

  • Charger

  • 1-year warranty

From 8 000Kr

For tablet with battery and charger. Add pole holder and SurPad Field Software. Find our complete offering of GNSS receivers here.

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