L5 M-Tab RTK

The solution for all professionals who want to be able to position themselves with an accuracy of down to 5 cm – perfect for e.g. GIS surveying or slightly coarser construction-grade surveying. A built-in RTK GNSS receiver means that nothing more is needed than the tablet itself and the small antenna, which provides an extremely flexible solution that is easy to take everywhere.

With the SurPad field program, you can see exactly the same things as the surveyors on the project or other types of drawings and maps. It is of course possible to measure and stake out just as with traditional surveying equipment – regardless of whether it is a matter of locating property boundaries, measuring a shut-off valve, checking the height of the road terrace, or updating the position on an incorrectly measured fiber line.

M-Tab RTK has a rugged design and a good specification regarding weather resistance, which makes it a stable companion in the rain. The powerful battery enables long working days in the field and charging takes place smoothly via USB-C in, for example, the car or with a power bank.

Press ON and go on assignments – regardless of which industry you work in.

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  1. Accuracy from 5 cm without any other accessories

  2. Adapted for work in the field

  3. Sharp 8 ”screen with good color reproduction

  4. Android operating system

  5. SurPad Field Software for smooth data collection

    Perfect for GIS surveying or other types of measurement and stake-out. Support for the most common file formats, such as dxf / LandXML etc.

What's included

  • Tablet

  • GNSS Receiver / Antenna

  • Charger

  • Field Software

    The easy to use Field Software SurPad.

  • Support agreement

    1-year support agreement is included. It gives you: Remote and telephone support, internet connection via Telia and access to upcoming software versions.

  • Warranty

    1-year warranty on all components.

From 37 250Kr

Including SurPad Field Software and 1-year support agreement.

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