A1 Drill

Our entry-level solution when it comes to hole navigation system for drill rig. Suitable for assignments where full control of height/depth and direction of the holes is required. It is very easy to get started and use – set target height, set direction, zero the crown to a known height, start drilling.

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  1. Easy

    Height and direction hole navigation system for drill rig in the purest form.

  2. Flexible

    Can be installed on all types of rigs.

  3. Upgradable

    For those of you who later on need more functionality, such as the ability to create and run against drilling plans, there is no problem upgrading to L5 3DDRILL.


  • Machine computer

    With easy to use software.

  • GNSS receiver

    Rugged GNSS receiver made for operation in harsh conditions with maximum precision.

  • Sensors

    Ultra rugged sensors for stable functionality.

  • Installation

    Complete installation and calibration.

  • Warranty

    1-year warranty on all components.

From 150 000Kr

Basic package with machine computer and software, sensors, GNSS receiver, and installation.

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