L5 3DDrill

A unique 3D drill navigation system for hole navigation on your drill rig. Flexible, fast, and affordable. The system uses data in standard formats, such as dxt / dwg, iredes and LandXML. Drill plans can be created directly by the operator, both simple and more advanced relative to surfaces and lines.

Drill plans can be shared online between an unlimited number of rigs at the same time and everyone can simultaneously see which holes have been drilled. Via a simple web portal, you can follow the drilling in real-time and take out exactly the reports you want.

Integration is available with most rigs on the Nordic market and can be mounted on all rig types.

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  1. Drill right

    Always drill to the right height with the correct collaring position.

  2. Automatic compensation

    The software automatically compensates for height difference on the surface which give you a correct stop height at the bottom.

  3. Full overview with cloud solution

    Keep track of the project, share drill / pile plans directly between the machines and create advanced reports in Carlson Command.

  4. Can be installed on any rig type

    Our drill navigation system can be integrated with most rigs on the Nordic market and can be mounted on all rig types.


  • Machine computer

    Rugged Windows PC with 3D software. Choose between 10 "and 12" screen.

  • GNSS receiver

    L5 AKKI2 dual GNSS receiver that is always delivered with a license to calculate against all satellite systems.

  • Sensors

    When mounting without an interface, we deliver the system with sensors built to be used in harsh environments where high accuracy is required.

  • Support agreement

    1-year support agreement is included with the system. It gives you: Remote and telephone support, internet connection via Telia and access to upcoming software versions.

  • Installation

    Complete installation and calibration.

  • Warranty

    1-year warranty on all components.

From 320 000Kr

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