L5 M-Ref

An own GNSS reference station is still the most stable alternative when it comes to providing a project with corrections, which is why we have developed the market’s most flexible solution that is available in several designs and with different types of power supply.

The heart of M-Ref is the GNSS receiver, which of course counts against all available satellite systems and thus maximizes the performance of all devices running against it. Depending on the desired range/transmission power, you can choose between 1W and 35W radio modems from the proven Finnish manufacturer Satel. Another variant is to set up M-Ref without a radio modem and use our NTRIP service SNIP to send out corrections, then it is also possible to connect several base stations and seamlessly cover a larger geographical area.

If you need corrections in the outback without electricity, for example on a wind farm, we can offer power supply either via solar cell or fuel cell, which then allows completely optional placement and with a battery as the backup, stable operation is guaranteed all year round.

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  1. Available in three versions

    Pure network base or radio base with 1W or 35W transmission.

  2. Counts against all available satellite systems

    Maximize the performance of all GNSS devices running towards the base station by sending out corrections for all satellite systems.

  3. Set up anywhere

    We offer both solar cells and fuel cells for safe operation in different environments.

  4. Flexible configuration

    Can be configured directly via e.g. a smartphone.


  • GNSS receiver

    Rugged GNSS receiver that can withstand both weather and wind provides reliable positioning.

  • 4G modem

    For stable connection to the network - both for sending corrections but also for accessing the base station remotely.

  • Robust cabinet

    Everything is delivered in a metal cabinet with solid contacts and industrial assembly of the components.

  • Radio modem (optional)

    Available with both 1W and 35W UHF radio modems.

  • Support agreement

    1 year support agreement is included. It gives you: Remote and telephone support, internet connection via Telia and access to upcoming software versions.

  • Warranty

    1 year warranty on all components.

  • Installation / Set up

    We can of course help you set up your GNSS reference station.

From 98 280Kr

For basic package with GNSS receiver, 4G modem, antennas, cabling and 1 year support agreement. Get in touch for more information.

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