L5 U3D-L+

An upgraded version of the basic system L5 U3D-L, takes machine control for wheel loader to the next level both in terms of safety and performance. Thanks to the waist sensor, the GNSS antennas can be mounted on the roof, which gives a clear view through the windscreen without any GNSS antenna masts on the light sockets that can otherwise interfere in certain positions. This makes L5 U3D-L+ a completely unique solution.

Otherwise, it is the same components and appreciated software as in our solutions for excavator and backhoe loader, L5 U3D-X and L5 U3D-XL. All functionality is close at hand when driving, either via direct keystrokes or “tap-and-hold”. Advanced submenus and settings are deliberately hidden so as not to disturb the driver with redundant information and create as good an overview as possible.

As easy to understand as the machine software is the cloud service Unicontrol Cloud, where you quickly get an overview of your machines, where they are, and to which project they are connected. All measurements made with the machine are synced directly to the cloud and reference models are just as easily sent out to the machines.

Machines that are leased to other companies are easily lent to their accounts – there are no requirements for double licenses etc. Remote support is of course no further than a push of a button away.

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  1. Ceiling mounted GNSS antennas

    Thus maintains a clear view through the windscreen without GNSS antenna masts on the light sockets and provides maximum GNSS performance.

  2. Choose to refer to the bucket tip or rear edge of the bucket

    Provides greater flexibility when handling and planning gravel material. One of the real benefits of machine control for wheel loader.

  3. Extremely fast and stable sensors

    Provides a system that delivers quality even at higher speeds.

  4. License for GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU is always included

    Optimizes performance even in difficult environments.

  5. Modern user interface

    Easy to learn and easy to get the most out of the investment. Provides a more comfortable everyday life for the machine operator.

  6. Remote support

    Is no further than a push of a button away.

  7. Everything is connected to the cloud service Unicontrol Cloud

    There, the machine owner or contractor can easily administer their machines and send as-built files and reference models between fields and offices.


  • Machine computer

    Rugged professional tablet from Samsung with 3D software developed by Danish Unicontrol running on Android. Choose between 8" and 10" screen size.

  • GNSS receiver

    L5 AKKI2 dual GNSS receiver that is always delivered with a license to calculate against all satellite systems.

  • Sensors

    Latest generation IMU sensors.

  • Support agreement

    1 year support agreement is included with the system. It gives you: Unicontrol Cloud, remote and telephone support, internet connection via Telia and access to upcoming software versions.

  • Installation

    Complete installation and calibration.

  • Warranty

    2 year warranty on all components.

From 250 000Kr

Basic package with machine computer and 3D software, 4 sensors, GNSS receiver, 1 year support agreement and installation.

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