Field Controllers

Our range of Field Controllers consists of two variants - a tablet with a large screen and a smaller and more flexible PDA with a full alphanumeric keyboard. As with so much else, it is mostly personal preferences that decide. Businesses with lots of as-built measuring tend to move towards smaller and smoother devices but still want keyboards. If, on the other hand, you use the equipment on large projects with complex drawings and/or a lot of stake out, a unit with a larger screen is usually preferable.

Field Software

We believe that everyone can measure. It just depends on how easy it is to get started and that is where the field software is key. Fast learning period without limiting the user's long-term development. A nice balance, but we believe we have succeeded.

GNSS Reference Networks

The basis of all RTK measurement with GNSS technology is based on the GNSS receiver being used receiving corrections from a reference / base station set up at a known coordinate. The corrections are sent out either via radio, internet, or both and depending on the conditions and needs of the project. We have solutions for all cases.

GPS / GNSS Receivers

We know GNSS technology and have therefore developed our own series of products that meet our high demands with the latest technology but which are also quite right in price. Our range of handheld GPS / GNSS equipment ranges from the entry-level model Emlid Reach RS2 to our own top model L5 M-Pro. Regardless of whether you only need RTK positioning a few times a year or if you measure daily, we have suitable solutions.