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PR: L5 announces the Availability of the Void Scanner from CARLSON LMD

Access the inaccessible with Void Scanner real-time 3D laser surveying A specialised, ruggedized instrument, Void Scanner uses time-of-flight laser measurement to map the shape, position and spatial location of voids, which helps ensure both the safety of personnel, and the protection of stock and underground sites. Void Scanner data is used to ensure more efficient and profitable mineral extraction.… Read More »

PR: Easy-to-Use GNSS based Height System for Drill Rigs

Oslo, 13. October 2017 – L5 introduce Worlds first Low Cost and Easy-to-Use GNSS based Height System for Drill Rigs. The L5 A1 Drill system is designed for construction, quarrying or mining and gives the operator easy to understand guidance with precise height, azimuth, dip angle and depth information. L5A1Drill can replace any laser system normally in use… Read More »