L5 AKKI2 – Robust Dual GNSS Rover and Base

  • Affordable! Flexible, Robust, Light weight and small!
  • Centimetre accurate positions and heading, easy to install, set-up, and use
  • WiFi streaming of GNSS and sensor data, CAN, Ethernet, serial connections, and GSM/LTE inbuilt
  • Designed for Mining, Quarrying and Construction

Featurefull and modern: A built-in WIFI access point allows you to connect and stream both GNSS and sensor data to your machine control software or controller. The dual GNSS system, the rich connection combinations, in a rugged and small form factor housing makes the L5GNSSA3 unique in the industry. Configuring the device is easy thanks to the web based interface. Just open a browser and start configuring the unit. No software need to be installed to get you up and running. There is a 10/100M ethernet connection available if you prefer a wired connection, providing the same data streaming and configuration options. This dual antenna receiver has a build in GPRS modem that can connect straight to an NTRIP server for differential corrections. The NTRIP client can be
configured on the web front of the device.

Besides using the NTRIP client you can connect an external UHF radio to one of the two COM ports. The receiver can be powered from 10 to 30 VDC. To avoid ground loops, the power supply is galvanically isolated. We provide a stable 24V to the bus that is galvanically isolated from the rest of the interfaces.

Small form factor:
170mm long and 140mm wide, it will easily fit
where you need it to. The housing is 2mm thick
extruded aluminium that is built to survive the
toughest environments.

PDF brochure: L5 AKKI2 DUAL GNSS