Product Launch L5 U3D-X Machine Control System

By | March 1, 2021

It’s time to present our new machine control solution for excavators and backhoe loaders: L5 U3D-X

The system is put together with innovative Danish machine control company Unicontrol, which has developed the Unicontrol3D software. The hardware platform consists of both new and existing products that are carefully selected based on the joint experience with us at L5 Navigation and Unicontrol.

Unicontrol3D Software

A software developed from the ground up by people with a deep understanding and long experience in the industry with the main goal of making everyday life easier for machine operators. All functionality is close at hand when driving, either via direct push or “tap-and-hold”. Advanced submenus and settings are deliberately hidden so as not to disturb the driver with redundant information and create as good an overview as possible.

To make everyday life even smoother for both machine operators and surveyors, all needs regarding reference models are covered by only two file types:

  • dxf is used for background drawings, points and lines
  • LandXML is used for surface models, e.g. roads, water mains, plans, etc.

Unicontrol Cloud

As easy to understand as the machine software is the cloud service Unicontrol Cloud, where you quickly get an overview of your machines, where they are and to which project they are connected. All as-built data measured by the operator are synced directly to the cloud and reference models are just as easily sent out to the machines.

Machines that are leased to other contractors are easily lent to their accounts – no requirements for double licenses etc. Remote support is of course no further than a push of a button away.


GNSS receiver

Dual GNSS in the form of L5 AKKI2 which is always delivered with a license for GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou guarantees maximum performance. The integrated 4G modem ensures a stable connection.


With the latest sensor technology from SignalQuest, we promise an extremely distinct and fast system, which responds to the slightest movement without fluttering. Of course, we also offer support for rotation when driving with a tiltrotator.

As the system is developed for all types of applications, it is, of course, possible to mount on smaller machines with a swing boom.

Machine Computer

The professional tablets from Samsung’s Active series are, to say the least, a proven card that delivers really good performance. With volumes of +30 million tablets per year, Samsung is a safe choice. These are available in either 8 or 10″ size.


For more information and pricing please contact us.

Sweden: Johan Spector, +4672-528 99 58

Norway Rolf Michaelsen, +47 900 66 912

Finland: Sven-Erik Emtö, +358 44 766 60 30