PR: Unique Nordic Partnership reveals groundbreaking machine control system

By | March 1, 2021

Nordic Provider of positioning technology in the construction sector L5 Navigation enters partnership with Danish Machine control manufacturer. The goal is to take machine control for construction machinery to the next level in terms of user-friendliness, quality, and workflow in the countries Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

The first result from the collaboration is the launch of a completely new machine control system for excavators. Where the greatest possible emphasis has been placed on keeping it as simple as possible without sacrificing functionality that more advanced users require. It allows the driver to focus fully on where to dig, to what extent, and at the same time document and ensure the quality of work performed.

CEO of Unicontrol, Ehsan says: “Unicontrol is immensely excited to partner up with L5. With Unicontrol3D, a combined hardware platform, and L5’s local market and machine knowledge we are confident that we have a product that fits the needs of any type of contractor, operator, and machine across the different markets. 

We are happy to know that all of our nordic customers will enjoy the benefits of L5’s experienced employee and service network across the different markets.

The core of the system is the Unicontrol3D software from Unicontrol. A software developed from the ground up by people with a deep understanding and long experience in the industry with the main goal of making everyday life easier for machine operators. A vision that is shared directly with L5 Navigation.

Martin Lindgren, CEO of L5 Navigation, says: “Machine control has always been perceived as a bit complicated and complex for many users, but now we see great opportunities to let more people take part in its full potential with an extremely easy-to-use system. Also, we have always had the ambition to develop a solution that provides better profitability much faster than our industry colleagues, which we believe we have succeeded in doing. ”

All functionality is close at hand when driving, either via direct push or “tap-and-hold”. Advanced submenus and settings are deliberately hidden so as not to disturb the driver with redundant information and create as good an overview as possible.

The hardware platform consists of both new and existing products that are carefully selected based on the joint experience of L5 Navigation and Unicontrol. The system is always delivered with a license for position calculation against all satellite systems, which enables driving even in more difficult conditions. The latest sensor technology adds significant rapidity and responds to the slightest movement without fluttering, which together provides a system with high operational reliability and accuracy. Feedback from several reference customers who evaluated and tested for L5 Navigation and Unicontrol confirms both a fast learning curve and stable performance.

Everything is connected to the cloud service Unicontrol Cloud, where the machine owner or contractor easily administers their machines and sends as-built data and reference models between the field and office. Remote support is no more than a push of a button away.

The system will be brought to market as L5 U3D-X and sold, supported, and serviced by L5 Navigation in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Official sales start is March 1, 2021, and orders can be placed immediately.

For more information contact:

L5 Navigation
Sweden: Johan Spector, + 4672-528 99 58
Norway: Rolf Michaelsen, +47 900 66 912
Finland: Sven-Erik Emtö, +358 44 766 60 30

Ehsan Ekhlas: +4522389019