L5 3DX together with Emlid Reach RS2 – a winning combo

By | May 25, 2020

Fredrik Lundell, who runs a smaller machine contractor business in Sweden, recently purchased a Volvo EC140EL on which he from scratch aimed to install machine control. But after a good dialog between us at L5 and Fredrik, he ended up taking it up to the next level and also invested in a GNSS survey equipment – an Emlid Reach RS2 with SurPad field software.

Fredrik is doing lots of different kind of jobs as the main contractor – which have led to the whish of maximum independence. One of the demands was to be able to create own reference models directly in the machine. To meet that L5 3DX has a powerful but yet simple function to create 3D models from a road line.

As mentioned earlier Fredrik wanted to take his whole workflow to the next level in terms of both effectivity and quality. Therefore he also invested in an Emlid Reach RS2 GNSS equipment to be able to perform measurements both before and after completed missions (as-built). He immediately recognized the possibility to measure the optimal route for a new road before construction and then send the line directly to L5 3DX and convert it into a usable 3D road model.