PR: A New GNSS Receiver for Construction and Mining

By | July 2, 2018

Press Release:
L5 is releasing the L5 AKKI2 Rugged GNSS Receiver, a new unique Dual GNSS Receiver designed for Machine Control in Mining and Construction:

The new High Precision GNSS RTK Receiver from L5 is flexible, full of features and yet affordable! The features are tailored for Machine Control with a focus on quality, interconnection and remote support. A robust light weight unit with a small form factor that can be used as a Dual or Single Machine Control Rover, Survey Rover or Base Station. The L5 AKKI2 can output two positions with centimetre accuracy, or one position plus heading in addition to RTK reference signals.

The connectors, interface and design are made for quality, quick and easy installation. L5 AKKI2 can fit into tight compartments, the IP65 protection allows installation outdoor or in rough environment typical for construction and mining. A built-in WIFI access point allows you to connect and start streaming GNSS data. The L5 AKKI2 has a CAN bus so you can stream your sensor data via the same wireless connection. The unit also provide a PPS output making it possible to send synced data from other positioning sensors in combination with the GNSS positioning output. Configuring the device is easy thanks to the web based interface. Just open a browser and start configuring the unit. No software needs to be installed to get you up and running. If you prefer a wired connection, there is a 10/100M ethernet connection available that provides you the same data streaming and configuration options. This dual antenna receiver has a built in GPRS modem that can connect straight to an NTRIP server for differential corrections. The NTRIP client can be configured on the web front of the device.

L5 will sell the unit as a component in L5’s own Machine Control Systems, L5’s Base Station Packages and GNSS Network Solutions, but also as a OEM unit that can be implemented by Machine Control Suppliers, Machine Manufacturers or anybody in need of a effective small and rugged GNSS RTK Receiver.

L5 AKKI2 will be made available during Q3 2018 trough L5’s dealer network or directly from L5.
Orders can be placed immediately.

For more info:

Link to brochure: L5 AKKI2 DUAL GNSS

About L5:
A company focusing on measurement technology and High Precision GNSS-based Machine Guidance for Mining and Construction Machinery:

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