PR: L5 introduce Mining Measurement Technology from Carlson Software

By | January 8, 2018

Press Release: L5 announces strategic partnership with CARLSON LMD, a Laser Measurement Division from Carlson Software for surface operations

L5’s commitment In offering customers the best solution for Mining and Construction, is now strengthen by the addition of Carlson LMD Laser Scanning and Drill Hole Deviation Measurement tools.

In combination with Carlson Machine Control, L5 is now proud to offer a complete Work Flow solution, from Data Capture, Plan and Design to Machine Control .

Drill and Blast Design is now handled from a central command software. Receive and analyse scan data from Carlson Quarryman, a scanner built specifically for Mining and Construction environments. Drill hole and blast design with Carlson Command. Drill Rigs running Carlson Drill Grade will set out precise drill position, dip angle, and azimuth. Autostop can be enabled when target depth is reached. Digital drill data will be recorded and can be compared with drill and blast designs with precision and reproducibility.

Measurements to bore hole deviations can be conducted with Carlson Boretrak technology. Bore hole deviation measurements can be reported and redesigned in Carlson Command. Or be sent to 3rd party blast design software when optimal blasting is the target, and when additional safety and regulatory Fly Rock conditions, need to be met.

Backed by L5’s focus on customer service and years of experience in the Mining and Construction industry.

Please download and read the full press release here: 2_MiningMeasurement_Release Surface V6ENG

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