L5 establishes an international sales office in Norway

By | June 7, 2017

L5 Navigation Systems AB has had an explosive growth since its inception in 2013. A large part of the assignments are based on customers outside Sweden, and this especially in 3D Machine Control for Construction and Mining.

L5 therefore forms a new office and a new department called L5 International with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. L5 International is established in cooperation with Björn Blomqvist and Rolf Michaelsen.
The main focus will be on developing L5’s existing overseas activity in cooperation with L5 Navigation Systems AB, but also to provide better support for existing and new customers in Norway.

Björn and Rolf have been working for Leica Geosystems, Hexagon Machine Control Division for a number of years and in the last four years for Hexagon Mining. They both have a very high level of competence in machine control and fleet management, and a long time in the industry as a whole. Previous assigments include the set up of sales channels and provide technical support throughout Scandinavia, Europe and Russia, but also in mining engineering work outside Europe.

With Björn and Rolf on board, L5 anticipate to continue our growth, promote more products and work with far more partners than before. We thank you for your trust and welcome Björn and Rolf to L5 group.