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Product Launch L5 U3D-X Machine Control System

It’s time to present our new machine control solution for excavators and backhoe loaders: L5 U3D-X The system is put together with innovative Danish machine control company Unicontrol, which has developed the Unicontrol3D software. The hardware platform consists of both new and existing products that are carefully selected based on the joint experience with us at L5 Navigation… Read More »

PR: Unique Nordic Partnership reveals groundbreaking machine control system

Nordic Provider of positioning technology in the construction sector L5 Navigation enters partnership with Danish Machine control manufacturer. The goal is to take machine control for construction machinery to the next level in terms of user-friendliness, quality, and workflow in the countries Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The first result from the collaboration is the launch of a completely… Read More »

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L5 3DX

Luleå March 29, 2019 Today L5 Navigation Systems AB presents a unique 3D system for excavators on the European market. The System combines modern technology and hardware with a competitive price. The L5 3DX is based entirely on European quality components and well-developed U.S. software. A complete 3D system with all sensors including tilt bucket, from 20.000 EUR.… Read More »

Network of NTRIP GNSS base stations in greater Oulu area, Finland

L5 Finland Oy has started a project of establishing a network of NTRIP GNSS base stations for the greater Oulu area, in partnership with a customer. When commisioned the service will provide good coverage of NTRIP RTK corrections in the target area. “This is the first of several areas in Finland that L5 will target for correction services,… Read More »

PR: A New GNSS Receiver for Construction and Mining

Press Release: L5 is releasing the L5 AKKI2 Rugged GNSS Receiver, a new unique Dual GNSS Receiver designed for Machine Control in Mining and Construction: The new High Precision GNSS RTK Receiver from L5 is flexible, full of features and yet affordable! The features are tailored for Machine Control with a focus on quality, interconnection and remote support.… Read More »

New Sales and Support Unit in Finland

Press Release: L5 Introduce a new sales and support unit in Finland L5 is proud to announce the establishment of L5 Finland OY. The unit is established in partnership with Ostromap OY of Jacobstad and Sven Erik Emtö. Sven Erik will manage and develop the new company in partnership with Ostromap and L5. L5 will be able to… Read More »

PR: L5 announces the Availability of the Void Scanner from CARLSON LMD

Access the inaccessible with Void Scanner real-time 3D laser surveying A specialised, ruggedized instrument, Void Scanner uses time-of-flight laser measurement to map the shape, position and spatial location of voids, which helps ensure both the safety of personnel, and the protection of stock and underground sites. Void Scanner data is used to ensure more efficient and profitable mineral extraction.… Read More »

PR: L5 introduce Mining Measurement Technology from Carlson Software

Press Release: L5 announces strategic partnership with CARLSON LMD, a Laser Measurement Division from Carlson Software for surface operations L5’s commitment In offering customers the best solution for Mining and Construction, is now strengthen by the addition of Carlson LMD Laser Scanning and Drill Hole Deviation Measurement tools. In combination with Carlson Machine Control, L5 is now proud… Read More »

PR: L5 announce L5GNSSA3 – Dual GNSS Receiver

Oslo, December 22nd 2017 – L5 announce New GNSS Receiver for Construction and Mining The new High Precision GNSS RTK Receiver from L5 is flexible, full of features yet affordable. The features are tailored for Machine Control with focus on quality, interconnection and remote support required in the Mining and Construction business. A robust, light weight unit with… Read More »